HT16K33 board for 11x7 LED matrix

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this is a rebranded project, sorry guys. take your skulls/likes back if you want :)

davedarkodavedarko 04/15/2017 at 16:045 Comments

I recently bought a cool 11x7 matrix, that is just great to display 4 3x5 digits and I want to control it with the well supported HT16K33 - so here's a not so beautiful and highly convoluted board for that.


oshpark wrote 04/18/2017 at 02:08 point

we're excited to the results!

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deʃhipu wrote 04/15/2017 at 21:25 point

Aww, you beat me to it. I actually designed one this morning, after reading your comment, but when I finished I realized I put the matrix on the wrong side of the board. I didn't have the heart to start over. But I will get to it, sooner or later. By the way, the HT16K33 can also handle keys -- maybe it would make sense to put a couple of buttons on the breakout too?

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davedarko wrote 04/16/2017 at 06:23 point

you know what's funny: the same happened to me :)

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davedarko wrote 04/16/2017 at 07:14 point

would be cool to have it as a wemos d1 shield though. What's your plan, shield or basic board?

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deʃhipu wrote 04/16/2017 at 09:53 point

I think I will make a shield, you can always use it as a general purpose board after all, just ignore all the extra pins.

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