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A project log for NEDONAND homebrew computer

NEDONAND is 8-bit homebrew computer entirely built out of many 74F00 chips (2-input NAND gates)

SHAOSSHAOS 03/12/2016 at 03:520 Comments

The rest of the boards just came:

I think I will connect them together through wire-wrapped "motherboard" (lets call it "NEDONAND-10" ; )

All of these NEDONAND components could be tested one by one using PIC microcontroller (connected to PC through RS-232) and one 30-pin socket:

    NN1  NN2  NN3    NN4   NN5  NN6  NN7  NN8  NN9  NN16
 1) GND  GND  ---    GND   GND  GND  GND  GND  GND  GND
 2) O0   D1   ~Q0    D0    D0   O0   O0   I0   A    D0
 3) O1   ^C1  ~Q1    D1    D1   O1   O1   I1   B    D1
 4) O2   /R1  ~Q2    D2    D2   O2   O2   I2   C    D2
 5) A    Q1   ~Q3    D3    D3   O3   O3   I3   D    D3
 6) B    /Q1  IN     COUT  D4   O4   O4   I4   E    D4
 7) C    D2   ACT0   VOUT  D5   O5   O5   I5   F    D5
 8) H    ^C2  ACT1   /O0   D6   O6   O6   I6   G    D6
 9) L    /R2  /RESET /O1   D7   O7   O7   I7   H    D7
10) COUT Q2   CLK    /O2   STB  SEL  /ENO OUT  I    NC (/OE)
11) DOUT /Q2  NC     /ZERO NC   /SEL EN   NC   AND  NC (/CS)
13) ---  ---  GND    ---   ---  ---  GND  GND  ---  ---
14)                                  A0   A0        ~A0
15)           D0     O0    Q0   A0   A1   A1        ~A1
16)           D1     O1    /Q0  B0   A2   A2        ~A2
17)           D2     O2    Q1   A1                  ~A3
18)           D3     C     /Q1  B1
19)           D4     A0    Q2   A2
20)           D5     A1    /Q2  B2
21)           D6     A2    Q3   A3
22)           D7     A3    /Q3  B3
23)           D8     B0    Q4   A4
24)           D9     B1    /Q4  B4
25)           D10    B2    Q5   A5
26)           D11    B3    /Q5  B5
27)                        Q6   A6
28)                        /Q6  B6
29)                        Q7   A7
30)                        /Q7  B7