Warp Line Video Circuit revision 2

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Analog video synthesizer you can touch with a five finger light gun. Makes music too.

russell-kramerRussell Kramer 03/28/2016 at 06:490 Comments

This is the second version of the warped line video effect board. Take a look at the last one to see how much part count and complexity has come down. A big part of this is the decision to put the monostable alignment circuitry into the XYZ sensor board instead of the video boards. I plan to have several different video effects that respond to hand motions. By fixing alignment issues on the sensor board I can keep every video board fairly simple and straightforward.

This board does not contain the signal generators to produce curved warping line effects. Those have been moved to a separate board (coming up next). With no warp signal applied the result is vertical lines that follow the finger sensors left and right.

Another improvement is an sp3t switch to select one of two different 555 astable charge resistors (10k, 100k) or no resistor. No resistor results in a single line. Smaller resistor results in more densely packed lines and a greater effect from the warp signals.