New cartridge design and other updates

A project log for The ZStation: an 8 bit game console

This little project is part of a series of consoles im making

FloppidyDingoFloppidyDingo 07/08/2016 at 23:500 Comments

I have redesigned the old cartridge board, which by the way is flawed and might not even work at all due to a goof i did, so yeah revision 1 isn't going to be available until i know if it works or not. But revision 2 uses a CPLD, so it's reprogrammable. YAY! It's also cheaper than the first cartridge (the first one costs $15 per cartridge, the second one costs around $10).

I've also started working on the BIOS, and i'm writing a programmers manual so people know how to write games for this thing. And then I'm patching up the emulator, which has a few issues on its own. AAAAAND i'm designing a slim version of the console, that's supposed to have longer battery life and is supposed to be lighter and with a few features added.

I fixed revision 1 of the cartridge, and made a cheaper revision 1.1. aaaaaaand that's about it...