Nearing Completion!

A project log for The ZStation: an 8 bit game console

This little project is part of a series of consoles im making

FloppidyDingoFloppidyDingo 03/06/2017 at 01:000 Comments

Three boards and several hours of work and debugging, and the console is now ready to be programmed! The controls are still missing, but this is the board so far:

It doesn't do anything yet, and I'm still writing the video core and ROM loader for the STM32 chip. Once that's done I can start writing the BIOS for the Z180 to run! Then I'll order cartridges and start writing games!

There are some design flaws though that can be ignored at the moment:

- The LCD connector is backwards, so the LCD had to be arranged so it's not centered on the board like I wanted it to

- The IRDA connection is also backwards, making me have to put the transceiver chip upside down

- The low battery indication doesn't work

- The charge indicator indicates a charged battery way too soon

- The charger, cartridge slot, and IRDA are too close together