Fishing arm

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felix.navarrefelix.navarre 04/16/2016 at 10:040 Comments

As you know we are participating in the Eurobot competition (if you are interested check the rules here: In this log we will present our solution to take floating plastic fishes out the water and put them in a net.

So in order to catch those fishes we came with few solutions. The first one was a huge arm taking all the fishes in one round:But that solution had one major problem. We needed too much servomotors to make it works : one to rotate it , one to actionize it, another one move it up and down and another one to tuck it.

When we realized that we decided to change our strategy and to use magnets to catch de fishes. We first designed an arm with mecano. That wasn’t smart because it was way to heavy.

Then we decided to build our own arm with wood and plastics.

The concept is quite simple we pass the arm above the fish and they get caught with the magnet on the arm.

As you can see in the videos we are using one servo for the up and down movement and another one to free the fishes.

Now we know it’s working we can start the real one.

Stay tuned for more info