Internet controlled LED phase 1

A project log for Project RedMatador

Project RedMatador is the whole of an ever expanding IoT system currently being developed. The base of which is a wireless web server.

Alexander_hineAlexander_hine 03/08/2016 at 19:320 Comments

The server now has its camera pointed to an LED connected to the raspberry Pi via jumper cables. A php script is used to turn on/off the LED from any internet connected device in the world. Currently the buttons are not working but you can add php commands to the URL to control the LED. By adding gpio.php?on=ON it toggles on and obviously gpio.php?off=OFF turns it off. You have to reload the main index.html (front page) to see the result.

When the webcam can stream it, the interface will be more practical along with php code being corrected.

Clicking the on/off button will only give a server erro