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  • Damped

  • Hey I'm Jonas and I like to work on CNC, 3D printing, robotics and electronics projects. Check out my tindy store.
  • liam

  • I have experience in many fields, such as 3d printing and design, user interface design, and web development, among others.
  • kate

  • 3d designer and fabricator, rapid prototyping, 3d scanning
  • Eric Wiiliam

  • Maker, tinkerer, hobbyist. I make YouTube videos for all things 3D printer, Tech, Arduino, DIY and more. @MKmeOrg
  • Justin McLeod

  • DYIer, Maker and inspiring youth. Hockey, UFC, Jeeps and @kris8971 uOttawa MCG & CTI
  • glenndrodge

  • 60 yr old hacker since I was a kid. Have built drones, 3d printers, gimbals, all sorts of stuff
  • Eric Rollin

  • Ex computer geek, in the tech industry for more than 20 years. Converted to all out mad scientist in 3d and electronics.