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  • Project EDEN

  • Project EDEN is an open initiative to grow crops quickly, under near-optimal conditions with automated aeroponics habitats.
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  • Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope

  • OverviewCurrently there are over 422 million people worldwide suffering from diabetes. 28.5% of them suffer from Diabetic Retinopathy(1) . 50% of diabetics are unaware about the risk of losing their vision(2). The number of cases of diabetic retinopathy...
  • The New Model

  • The design models have been 3D printed and assembled. We made two devices, only the outer casings are different in the two models. One is printed on a SLS 3d printer (Nylon PA-12) and another one with an FDM 3D printer (PLA Black).Both the models are...
  • Demonstration Video

  • Finally had sufficient time to post a demonstration video amidst end of semester chaos. I learned that I've got pretty shaky hands / should not pursue a career in film-making so if you want to see what the Tea Pi would look like during a minor earthquake...
  • FLED

  • An LED display showing visualizations and rendering data from a variety of TCP sources over the Open Pixel Control protocol
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