20 Results for "3D printing"

  • erniehatt

  • interests are high speed photography using a CameraAxe. Electronis and 3D printing
  • Alex

  • I am an electronics enthusiast, with an interest in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printing, and Web Design.
  • Noah

  • Love making things, 3D printing, and hacking and always needs something to do.
  • luk1fer1987

  • PC Hardware | Music Player Hardware: DAC, ADC, Speakers, Headphones | Raspberry Pi & SBC's | 3D Printing & Scanning.
  • MichealC

  • Simple man who loves DIY projects with electronics, 3D printing, enjoys the arduino, Cubieboard and raspberryPI, also a HAM.
  • nigel.w.mullen

  • I am a person who love printing with 3D printers. i have an Electrical/computer background with a keen interest in robotics.
  • Aaron

  • young and talented engineer of anything and everything! no project is to big or small, from 3D printing to CNC and coding.
  • Luke

  • Self Confessed PC Nerd, Father & Metalhead. Enjoy Computers & other Tech. Newest Interest is 3D Printing. & Metal! \m/
  • Joe

  • I like to tinker with electronic hardware and software to make 3d printers, Laser Cutters and 3d scanners.