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  • Martin Fasani

  • Interested in electronics, IoT and programming ESP32 Espressif boards. 3D printing & part time designer and backend developer
  • Voxels

  • 3D sandbox game that aims to be Minecraft compatible (functionality-wise)
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  • mepix

  • Mechatronics Engineer with an interest in 3D Printing and Robotics
  • Victor Fernandez

  • I like everything. I am learning to weld (TIG), and want to start getting into 3d printing, and cnc machining. I am from h3 labs
  • rd_redford

  • Retired from a career in the computer and networking industries. Half my career was in engineering, the other half in marketing.
  • Xasin

  • DIY- and AVR-enthusiastic, OpenSource loving engineering student that just wants that damn thing to finally work! D: