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  • Mechanized Prosthetic Foot

  • The purpose of this project is to design and build a fully mechanized prosthetic foot that is more accessible than current solutions.
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  • NeoLimb

  • A 3D printed, cast-aluminum, anatomy-based, Arduino controlled bionic arm that surpasses the human arm in functionality and feel.
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  • Arm Yourself!

  • Arm yourself is an application that creates parametrically generated prosthetic arms that can be 3D printed to meet an international need.
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  • Andrej Dukic

  • Young industrial designer currently trying to design the worlds best prosthetic hand that makers can make for free for amputees
  • Jesal Mehta

  • Explorer. Industrial Designer. Maker. Up for Generative Art, abstract Origami, Math, esp Geometry, Digital Fabrication, DIY.