David Davenne

Electronics enthusiast

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This user joined on 04/29/2014.

Things I've Built

Basic Power Supply

I built a simple power supply using an adjustable LM1117, a multi turn potentiometer and a mini digital voltmeter from eBay. I used an old laptop transformer as power source (I don't like to work with high voltages :D )

LiPo Module v1

This module is a LiPo charger for a 1 cell battery coupled with a charge pump (MCP 1253) providing 3.3V or 5V (by switching a jumper) with a max current of 120mA. The charger part is basically a small usb board based on the TP4056 IC.

GPS Tracker v1.0

My bachelor's degree thesis was about creating a GPS tracker, both hardware and software. The hardware part was based on the Atmega328 using a GPS module (SKM53), a SD card and a 74HC595 mixed with a couple of RGB Led's for notification.

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