Busy and poor, but enthusiastic.

Rochester, NY
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Things I've Built

Super scary ghoul

For an automation class project, I used an Arduino (required) to watch a distance sensor. This triggered a fog machine, fans to push the fog past the ghoul, and triggered the ghoul, which I had pulled apart to find the activator. It moved etc.


A lot of the things I've ghetto-rigged are more along the lines of mechanic's tricks than hacks. Putting together computers etc. and working on your own stuff may not really count. And I can't talk about what I've written for work...

6" fan repair

I had a 6" stand fan that wouldn't work, so I ripped it apart. After getting the driveshaft cleared of hairs and lubricating it, making sure connections worked, and mounting it to a clip I had from another fan (kind of fit), it fired right up!

Hand tool bearing press

It was 3 in the morning, I had the steering stem of my motorcycle off for bearing replacement. The lower race of the bearing wouldn't come off, and I cobbled together a "puller" out of a workbench, a couple screwdrivers, and a hammer.

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