September 22nd - Art Poster Giveaway Winners

A contest log for Halloween Hackfest

Trick or Treat, It's Time to Hack Halloween! Bring Your Costume Upgrades, Haunted House Hacks, and Halloween-themed Technical Projects!

LutetiumLutetium 09/22/2021 at 18:370 Comments

The randomly chosen winners of the September 22nd Art Poster Giveaway are the following:

Zero, the Nightmare Before Christmas dogKenneth Zaborny
The Child: Animatronic hack of Baby Yoda plush toyKevin Harrington
JEC - Just another electronic clock?ELSHNKHLL
ChatterPiAspiring Roboticist

The Hackaday Team will be emailing winners for their shipping addresses. Four new projects will be randomly chosen next Wednesday, Sept. 29th, so be sure to submit your projects to the contest!