Welcome to Hackaday's Repairs You Can Print Contest. We want to see the best repair jobs you've done using 3D printed parts, jigs, or tools.

People often show off trinkets, toys, and baubles that they print, while forgetting to share the real work horse projects: repairs that get the job done. Have you ever printed a replacement part, improved an existing part to provide better functionality, or designed a tool or jig that made a tough repair a snap? We want to hear about it and we have some sweet prizes for those who show off the coolest repair jobs.

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The top 20 projects will be rewarded with $100 Tindie Credit!

Students and Organizations Can Win Big

We're giving out two amazing 3D printers for the best Student entry and the best Organization entry:

Each of these prizes is about $1500 in state-of-the-art desktop printing. The multimaterial upgrade lets you print with up to four filaments at once to use different colors or types of filament without any manual changing along the way.

Students must be currently enrolled in school, and be able to prove it if you win. The Organization prize is reserved for educational or social organizations like Hacker Spaces, FIRST Robotics Clubs, tool lending libraries, etc. You must specify in your project that you want to be considered for the Student Prize or for the Organization Prize.

How to Enter

Tell the story of how you've repaired something using 3D printing by documenting it as a new project on Hackaday.io. Once you have published your project, look in the right sidebar for the "Submit project to..." menu in order to enter it in the Repairs You Can Print Contest:

Judging Criteria

Repairs You Can Print Contest Rules: