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Adam FabioAdam Fabio 06/18/2015 at 03:4454 Comments

Week 20: 6/17/2015 - 9pm PDT 6/24/2015

Anyone who's worked on a major project, be it professional, personal, or for a contest like The Hackaday Prize, knows about marathon sessions. Those times when you put in your all and just push the project ahead until you drop. This scientist has definitely given his all and then some! He's catching a few winks right under the blackboard where he presumably has been working. This image has no caption, though it's attached to an album entitled Linac control room. None of the pictures seem to show much of a control room though. It seems that back in 1966, CERN's photographer was a bit more interested in sleeping scientists than the science itself!

So what do you think is happening in this image? Can you make anything interesting out from the diagrams on the blackboard? Give it a shot!

This week's prize is a Stickvice from The Hackaday Store.

Add your humorous caption as a comment to this project log. Make sure you're commenting on this contest log, not on the contest itself.

As always, if you actually have information about the image or the people in it, let CERN know on the original image discussion page.

Good Luck!


The Green Gentleman wrote 06/24/2015 at 19:35 point

Of William Carlos Williams's CERN oeuvre, his "This is just to say I have taken off the trigger for the start pulse" poem (shown here), is perhaps the best loved in particle physics slam poetry circles.

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K.C. Lee wrote 06/24/2015 at 15:54 point

After bitten by the Schrödinger's cat, Doc Brown acquired the most useful power of a cat - being able to sleep anywhere, any time.

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Matt Rasband wrote 06/24/2015 at 15:00 point

"And after all that work, we found out the answer to life is still 42."

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saipathudut wrote 06/24/2015 at 05:45 point

Mr. Scientist.....Mr. Scientist....Please get up...Hearty congratulations to you...You are the winner of CERN's Sleepathon Competition.

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Paul Scott wrote 06/24/2015 at 05:42 point

after finally figuring out the dimensions for the new 3d printer, Frank decided to take a quick nap, because he heard that naps increase productivity

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Arturo Arellano Arciniega wrote 06/24/2015 at 05:31 point

"Hey Hey! Take me a photo, just as if I were sleeping"

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RandyKC wrote 06/23/2015 at 22:15 point

The chalk dust falling on him as he slept made him dream of a winter snow with subatomic particles dancing between the snow flakes.

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Steel_9 wrote 06/22/2015 at 23:44 point

Johnny! Get me a new minion. You will find them in the store room behind the spare cables.

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Steel_9 wrote 06/22/2015 at 23:43 point

Aah yes...The CERN storage room.  the place where we store spare cables, black boards and minions.

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Steel_9 wrote 06/22/2015 at 23:42 point

After takeing one look at this problem, Phil decided to sleep on it.

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DainBramage wrote 06/22/2015 at 17:11 point

Tragically, the adage "If looks could kill" was proven mathematically and then tested practically by CERN scientists.

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Joshua Young wrote 06/22/2015 at 16:56 point

Fritz wake up, the boss says he's not buying our lucid equating scheme.

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Stephen wrote 06/22/2015 at 16:11 point
[with exagerrated french accent] "thes will be the perf'ct dr'eam catch'r... or maybi sthe worst or both at sthe same time. Damn you, quibit!"

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bjorn spamfilter wrote 06/22/2015 at 12:20 point

Claus conceded that to take off the trigger was the first sign of madness and decided to take a rest.

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Thomas wrote 06/22/2015 at 03:09 point

Just moments from discovering a cure for his narcolepsy, Bill was once again its victim

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Lou wrote 06/22/2015 at 02:40 point

One of CERNs side projects was gas filtering pants.  This Poly/Cotton blend did not pass the knockout test.

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Lou wrote 06/22/2015 at 02:37 point

They said Bills gas could knock out a horse, but the closest thing they could find to test the theory was Horace.

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Lou wrote 06/22/2015 at 02:32 point

The end of another busy day at CERN summer camp.  

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Zane Henderson wrote 06/20/2015 at 06:38 point

The higher-ups began to get suspicious of Dr. Carter’s extensive research into lucid dreaming.

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ras B wrote 06/19/2015 at 22:31 point

CERN's infamous "wind tunnel" experiments

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