Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Preserving Computer History Hack Chat

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lutetiumLutetium 06/26/2019 at 20:460 Comments

Backpropagated1:05 PM
I have some old hardware I've been tinkering with(IBM 3290 and other IBM terminals, workstations originally branded AT&T and later Memorex Telex which I haven't positively identified yet but believe may 630 MGTs by AT&Ts branding, and they have a really neat magnetic trapdoor switch in the keyboard. If y'all would like a workstation and keyboard, I'd be happy to contribute one.

Marcus J.1:06 PM
This has been great. Some interesting resource links. Thanks Dag and team

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Dag Spicer1:10 PM
Hi @Frank Buss. Nice question. It depends on what your goals are. If they are more oriented towards the software side of things, of course emulation is your answer. However from a material culture point of view, there is a whole 'text' in the object itself that can be read, from which can emerge the engineering decisions, the trade-offs, the balance between I/O and processor (which would can physically see in a Cray-1), even aesthetic choices about industrial design and materials. Gordon Bell calls supercomputes of yore, 'beautiful sculptures' reflecting the times of their creation. For their embeding of both technical and cultural elements, we think it's worth have an exemplar of the 'real thing' to answer questions that cannot be answered via emulation. Great question... we have a small Cray-1 FPGA system in our main exhibit which gives a hint of the approach. They both have great value.

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Frank Buss1:13 PM
many of these aspects could be captured with photos and schematics, but you are right, good to have the real hardware :-)

Dag Spicer1:17 PM
@Backpropagated Hey thanks for the offer! I think we're good for terminals of this vintage but really appreciate the offer!

David N1:17 PM
Punch card format still lives on! Modern "non ticketless" airline tickets still have the punch card format, because the machines to collate them have being developed from punch card machines!

David N1:18 PM

Frank Buss1:19 PM
I use my iPhone with a QR code for airline tickets

Backpropagated1:22 PM
Any chance y'all have a service manual for the IBM 3290 with the plasma display, or know where I should start searching? One of mine needs some TLC.

Dag Spicer1:30 PM
Hi there, sorry nothing on the 3290... but up to 3277 here...

Dag Spicer1:31 PM
ok signing off.... thanks everyone: great questions and lots of fun!

Boian Mitov1:31 PM
Thank you @Dag Spicer :-)

Boian Mitov1:32 PM
Had a lot of fun in the Museum :-)