2022 Hackaday Prize Hack Chat

Sustainability. Resiliency. Circularity. Pick all three.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 12:00 pm PDT Local time zone:
Hack Chat
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Majenta Strongheart will host the Hack Chat on Wednesday, April 13 at noon Pacific.

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Let's face it: this world is pretty broken right now. From environmental crisis to disease and famine, shortages of just about everything, infrastructure failures, not to mention wars and social breakdown, things are getting pretty hairy out there. While it's tempting to just curl up and pretend everything is good, that's probably not going to work as even a short-term plan.

Luckily, we hackers are uniquely positioned for situations like this. After all, we fix stuff, and we're certainly living in a target-rich environment of stuff that needs fixing. What's more, nothing gives us as much fulfillment as taking a situation that everyone else thinks is beyond help and turning it into a solved problem.

These are the times that people like us can really shine, and the 2022 Hackaday Prize is the perfect forum for that. With this year's theme of Sustainability, Resiliency, and Circularity, there's plenty of scope for all of us to make a contribution. To help us get kicked off, Majenta Strongheart, Head of Design and Partnerships at Supplyframe, will drop by the Hack Chat with all the details on this year's Prize. Come prepared to pick her brain on how the Prize is going to work this year, find out about the different challenge opportunities, and learn everything there is to know about this year's competition. It's the Greatest Hardware Design Challenge on Earth, and we need it now more than ever.

  • Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

    Dan Maloney04/14/2022 at 17:01 0 comments

    Erin RobotGrrlApr-13 12:48 PM

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:48 PM
    I'm sure he has a few projects of his own...

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:48 PM
    Incase anyone doesn't know, he is part of the 2018 winning team :-)

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:49 PM
    Gee James, I've got this really good project, and I was thinkin...

    James NewtonApr-13 12:50 PM
    @Majenta Strongheart I was deeply honored to be able to give the acceptance speech for my team.

    James NewtonApr-13 12:50 PM
    @Tom Dowad That's MY line most of the time. I have one now that I have no time to work on and can't get anyone interested in. LOL. It's everyones story I think. We all have great ideas. As time passes, I have more and more respect for simple ideas that people have actually found the time to MAKE.

    James NewtonApr-13 12:51 PM
    And don't anyone point out that I would have more time to work on projects if I wasn't on here chatting... 'cause.. that's... true... Doh...

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:52 PM

    morganApr-13 12:52 PM
    oh just quit your job for more project time, its what I did

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:52 PM
    the struggle is real

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:53 PM
    Its changing the topic a bit, but complexity multiplies, and there is a point where one gets kind of stuck in it. Molasses.

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:54 PM
    My point being, I agree, a simple project that can be completed means a lot.

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:54 PM
    cheers to that!

    Dave BlundellApr-13 12:54 PM
    Is there a discord / chat / forum for people on this project?

    itsjustme_dApr-13 12:54 PM
    Is there a mentor for someone that has never entered anything into any Hack-a-day challenges before but has a project that I believe would be a good candidate to be entered?

    James NewtonApr-13 12:55 PM
    100% That's what I was thinking about. Brilliant ideas that can't be implemented have little value. Incremental advances that can actually be done; priceless.

    Dave BlundellApr-13 12:55 PM
    aside from this right here, of course?

    James NewtonApr-13 12:55 PM
    I would recommend just posting on the hack chat or in the discord server.

    Dave BlundellApr-13 12:56 PM
    I think I'm going to try to get my makerspace to enter something. If I can't get enough interest, I may be looking for someone who needs help. I'm pretty damn sharp with SMPS design, which would probably prove rather useful for anyone doing an energy related challenge.

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:57 PM
    Yes ask questions here :) and/or reach out to old finalists on their project pages to see if they'd be interested in mentoring you

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:57 PM
    Here's a relevant question. Its in the rules no doubt. Can the same person be on more than one team?

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:58 PM
    @Tom Dowad yes they can, and the same person can also enter multiple projects on their own if they'd like (but they won't be selected as a finalist in more than one challenge)

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:59 PM
    OK great.

    itsjustme_dApr-13 1:00 PM
    Where would I go to find previous year entrees & winners?

    James NewtonApr-13 1:00 PM
    On the mentor thing, note that if you happen to get a lot of advice from a mentor who also happens to be a judge, they will probably be recused from judging and not able to vote for your project. I know I dropped myself out of voting for a project I had advised last year.

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 1:01 PM
    @itsjustme_d great question! You can see the 2021 finalists under each challenge page on the 2020 contest page, for example:

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 1:01 PM
    OK folks, top of the hour's here and I know Majenta has a meeting coming up. I'm just going to wrap things up with a big "Thanks!" for her time, and to everyone for a nice discussion. Good luck to everyone in this year's Prize, too!

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 1:01 PM
    there are also articles for each round of finalists and all the past grand prize winners

    morganApr-13 1:02 PM
    thanks @majen


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  • Hack Chat Transcript, Part 1

    Dan Maloney04/14/2022 at 17:00 0 comments

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:00 PM
    Hello everyone, welcome to the Hack Chat. I'm Dan, I'll be moderating today along with Dusan as we talk about the 2022 Hackaday Prize with Majenta Strongheart.

    Dave BlundellApr-13 12:00 PM
    ha_proxy is another good way of doing SSL termination. Has some advantages/disadvantages vs. using nginx for SSL proxying.

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:00 PM
    Are you online yet Majenta?

    Dusan PetrovicApr-13 12:00 PM
    Hello and welcome!

    Ahmed Alaa joined  the room.Apr-13 12:00 PM

    cyzoonic joined  the room.Apr-13 12:01 PM

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:01 PM
    Hi! I'm here :)

    cyzoonicApr-13 12:01 PM
    Hi everyone

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:02 PM
    Hi Majenta! Welcome!

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:03 PM

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:03 PM
    Thank you! Excited to be here!

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:03 PM
    Maybe you can get us started with a quick overview of this year's Prize. In case anyone hasn't seen the launch material.

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:04 PM
    Speaking of which:

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:04 PM


    Hackaday Prize 2022

    A global hardware design challenge focused on widespread and impactful innovation. The Hackaday Prize represents a chance for the open source hardware community and the electronics industry to go beyond promises and work together to deliver tangible solutions.

    Read this on Supplyframe

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:05 PM
    And as an aside, congrats on that long-take video. Nicely done!

    Erin RobotGrrlApr-13 12:06 PM
    Should we send our questions in the chat now, if we have any? (Sorry, can't see if anyone is typing...)

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:06 PM
    Absolutely, this year we are tackling all things sustainability, circularity, and climate crisis resiliency. This is not new to the Hackaday community, of course, we've seen projects in these categories on the io for some time, so we're excited to see what comes out of these challenges :)

    Dan MaloneyApr-13 12:06 PM
    @Erin RobotGrrl - yep, just shout 'em out!

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:06 PM
    There are 5 challenges to enter, same as last year, top 10 finalists from each challenge will receive $500

    Tom DowadApr-13 12:06 PM
    how do you define circularity

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:07 PM
    Then there are final prizes ranging from $5,000 to the grand prize of $50,000 that will be awarded in November

    deʃhipuApr-13 12:09 PM
    If I have an ongoing project that fits one of the challenges, (and it wasn't submitted to any previous prizes), I don't have to create a new project page just for the prize, do I?

    morganApr-13 12:09 PM
    have supercon dates been announced yet?

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:09 PM
    Circularity has to do with circular design thinking (which aims to limit the extraction of raw materials and the production of waste), the specific challenge addressing this theme is Challenge #2 "Reuse, Recycle, Revamp"

    James NewtonApr-13 12:10 PM
    Homofaciens particulate 3D printer seems like a good example of this: 3D print, curse, blenderize the plastic, pour it back into the printer, and print again. Circular use of PLA.

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:10 PM
    Supercon dates have not been announced yet

    James NewtonApr-13 12:11 PM
    I should have said "curse when it doesn't fit"

    Erin RobotGrrlApr-13 12:11 PM
    1) What are ways to quantify the impact of our projects? Should it all be related to GHG reductions?

    2) Can we start the project page now for a challenge that is not open yet?

    3) Is feedback from potential users factored in to the judging evaluations at all?

    4) Will there be mentorship meetings available, like some of the previous years?

    5) What happens if what we make as a project dreaming of something that would have a bigger impact - but what we've made on our bench doesn't quite have a large impact. What's the best way of communicating that?

    Stoked, and thanks a bunch in advance for any answers!

    Majenta StrongheartApr-13 12:11 PM
    Re: If I have an ongoing project that fits one of the challenges, (and it wasn't submitted to...

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