Hack Chat Transcript, Part 4

A event log for Cyberdeck Brainstorming Hack Chat

Tough times breed tough computers

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 08/10/2022 at 20:110 Comments

bootdsc12:51 PM

bootdsc12:51 PM

thesebelik12:51 PM
the problem that i'm solving with my deck (my car radio sucks) could've been easily solved with an off the shelf android auto head unit for like $250, but i've already spent more than that on parts for my own solution (not to mention the countless hours learning and buidling). building your own is way more interesing, educational, and the final product will be way cooler and way more "me" than anything you could buy

Glinek12:51 PM
@Tom Nardi my deck has a one of dis 7,9 inch screens and as much as i like look of it, i found it impractical for me

Tom Nardi12:51 PM
Ah, yeah I could see the small screen being an issue long-term

cyzoonic12:51 PM
@Glinek my Problem ist the Pi3 is too dam slow

bootdsc12:51 PM
impractical is my middle name

Dan (a8ksh4)12:51 PM
@Will Sebelik I'll see if I can find a photo of my old ahdroid tablet head-unit...

Glinek12:52 PM
and keyboard is not really well made, also it uses 3b+ and for me it is kinda slow. Thats why i am making another based on pi 400

io Tenino12:52 PM
See, the problem with cyberdecking in general is that we've kind of already converged on a couple "perfect" form factors for computers

Glinek12:52 PM
@cyzoonic that is true

io Tenino12:53 PM
the laptop, and the smartphone.

cyzoonic12:53 PM
I am waiting to get Pi4, some day, when they are in stock...

Glinek12:53 PM
for me decks are more like testing my skills

H3lixFossil12:53 PM
agree to a point. phones were better when there was a tactile keyboard

io Tenino12:53 PM
Me too

pcadic12:54 PM
it is fun to learn anyway.

thesebelik12:54 PM
building a deck is a great learning experience

cyzoonic12:54 PM
I made a bot last week so I can filter rpilocator for my location and get a notification as soon as available.

Glinek12:54 PM
@cyzoonic i was thinking on pi 4 but pi 400 was way cheaper in my country

H3lixFossil12:54 PM
@cyzoonic that's a great idea

thesebelik12:54 PM
i've learned so much about hardware design from making my deck

io Tenino12:54 PM
@H3lixFossil sure. But if you learn to swipe, or learn to use voice-to-text, then having a flat glass keyboard is superior.

pcadic12:54 PM
there are RPI alternative we can try. D1 chip is cool .

bootdsc12:55 PM
It's been fun meatbag and cyber life forms. Until next time, stay weird.

io Tenino12:55 PM
I 100% agree with the learning experience, I've learning so much going from my first deck to the joopyter

cyzoonic12:55 PM
@bootdsc see you on the discord

Inne12:55 PM
@io Tenino But only for using computer software. What if you go to some highly specific use case. Like setting up some data recording for your sports club for example, then it could be easier to find some quality of live improvements

io Tenino12:55 PM
Cya boot!

Dan Maloney12:55 PM
Thanks @bootdsc!

Dan (a8ksh4)12:55 PM
@Will Sebelik

io Tenino12:57 PM
I think that trying to find unique use cases for cyberdecks can be really important, how can we make this a tool that makes our lives better rather than a fancy computerized prop.

Dusan Petrovic12:57 PM
Thanks @bootdsc and everyone who participated!

Dan (a8ksh4)12:57 PM
The old nexus 7 tablets, you could pull out the battery and hard wire power to the bms board, and then usb audio and stuff.

io Tenino12:57 PM
not that there's anything wrong with fancy computerized props

H3lixFossil12:57 PM
later you high tech lowlifes. gonna take care of my hounds

Dan (a8ksh4)12:57 PM

io Tenino12:57 PM

thesebelik12:57 PM
@Dan (a8ksh4) that's sick! what is that port in the back? does it talk to your car's CAN?

cyzoonic12:57 PM

Inne12:57 PM
*also waves*

nick_meynen12:58 PM
bye, thanks for the inspirational chat!

Dan (a8ksh4)12:58 PM
That was for the clock and emergency flasher you can see on the front. Factory stuff.

thesebelik12:59 PM
oh ok, i see. thanks!

io Tenino12:59 PM
I've gotta head to work, see you guys, thanks for great chat!

Dan Maloney1:00 PM
OK, that was a lively discussion. the transcript is going to be a real chore to pull for this one, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I just want to wrap things up with a big THANKS! to everyone for a great chat with a lot of inspiration and practical tips for everyone's next cyberdeck build. And thanks to those who shared their work -- always appreciated. Great job, everyone!

Dan Maloney1:00 PM
Bye @io Tenino! Thanks for stopping by!

cyzoonic1:00 PM
Thank you all

back7.co1:00 PM

Dan (a8ksh4)1:00 PM
Thx all!

Tom Nardi1:00 PM
Make sure to turn that inspiration into entries for the cyberdeck contest:

Inne1:00 PM
This was really fun, thanks for the inspiration

thesebelik1:01 PM
Thank you everyone! bye