Making and Breaking Hardware HackChat

We're going to be talking with bunnie about hacking electronics and manufacturing in Shenzhen!

Friday, February 10, 2017 09:00 am PST - 09:30 am PST Hack Chat
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Please note that this chat takes place at 9a PST Feb 10th.

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This week we're excited to host open source pioneer bunnie of Bunnie Studios. Bunnie has an excellent new book out, Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware.

“Hardware, says Bunnie Huang, is a world without secrets: if you go deep enough, even the most important key is expressed in silicon or fuses. His is a world without mysteries, only unexplored spaces. This is a look inside a mind without peer.”
—Edward Snowden

Bunnie developed Chumby, the open source Novena laptop, and recently, the Love to Code platform.

He also wrote The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen. This book was written to help navigate the extensive and many electronics markets in Shenzhen.

Drop in for 30 minutes to chat and ask questions. NOTE TIME IS 9a PST.

All chats take place in the #Hack Chat, please request to join!


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  • (edited) transcript of Making and Breaking Hardware

    Sophi Kravitz02/10/2017 at 17:44 1 comment

    bunnie says:43 minutes ago

    it's..a friday night here.

    ActualDragon says:43 minutes ago

    lucky, its only lunch here

    wintr says:43 minutes ago

    Good Good Good... in vino veritas

    bunnie says:43 minutes ago

    i'll do my best though. :)

    ActualDragon says:42 minutes ago

    :( i dont get out till 3

    42 minutes ago

    So everyone: we have a sheet for questions

    turbinenreiter says:42 minutes ago

    I didn't knew we can come drunk! Unfair!

    42 minutes ago

    you don't have to use it, but it's one way to keep track

    bunnie says:41 minutes ago

    right....I pregamed.

    Radomir Dopieralski says:41 minutes ago

    I came prepared!

    41 minutes ago

    Bunnie, want to start things off by telling us something about what you're working on?

    41 minutes ago

    (I think we all know who you are)

    bunnie says:41 minutes ago

    sure....i've got a few projects i'1m working on....

    ActualDragon says:40 minutes ago

    this is about making and breaking hardware right

    40 minutes ago


    ActualDragon says:40 minutes ago

    oh good

    39 minutes ago

    @bunnie did we lose you?

    Arsenijs says:38 minutes ago

    Can Novena handle HackChat?

    38 minutes ago


    turbinenreiter says:38 minutes ago

    passed out drunk on keyboard. best hackchat ever.

    bunnie says:38 minutes ago

    1) LTC -- love to code -- a project to help get more young people into computer science2) introspection engine -- a project to help dissidents in high risk situations know if they are being spied upon3) netv2 -- a project which i can't talk too much about because it's an subject of an active lawsuit4) some other stuff i'm short circutiing because apparently i'm not repsonding fast enough :)

    bunnie says:38 minutes ago

    +1 turbinenreiter

    bunnie says:37 minutes ago

    yah sorry took a while to respond to that question

    37 minutes ago

    tell us abt introspection engine

    bunnie says:37 minutes ago

    ask me something i dunno direct and punchy

    turbinenreiter says:35 minutes ago

    Why is it easier to hack into a Smartphones and reroute it's traffic to your own baseband than get governments to just be like cool?

    bunnie says:35 minutes ago

    sure. introspection is based on a K22F kinetis CPU and an ICE40 FPGA. The idea is to create a solution which is resistant against state-level adversaries to report if a phone is being monitored.

    34 minutes ago

    who does it report to?

    bunnie says:34 minutes ago

    the system reports to its own UI

    bunnie says:34 minutes ago

    that's pretty fundamental

    AKA says:34 minutes ago

    so, if it says it's being monitored...what do I do then?

    ActualDragon says:34 minutes ago

    would making and breaking hardware be like "i have this radioshack simon from the 60s. is it too old to take apart? should i tempt it? is it worth anything?" something like that?

    bunnie says:33 minutes ago

    the idea is you don't trust or respect third party user interfaces and you really want to be able to validate the entire path from signal to UI

    ActualDragon says:33 minutes ago

    oh, sorry man

    bunnie says:33 minutes ago

    AKA: the idea is that you can know definetively *if* you are being monitored

    bunnie says:32 minutes ago

    from that point, you can make the decision to reveal whether or not you know you are being monitored. consider the fact that if you are being monitored it's a strategic advantage to be aware of the monitoring and "play the monitor"

    wintr says:32 minutes ago

    It's not paranoia if you're hacking the people that are really following you.

    AKA says:31 minutes ago

    ok, i understand. but doesn't that increase the risk of a false negative? like, if the device _is_ compromised, or compromised upstream, it may dangerously lull you into complacency?

    Bhavesh Kakwani says:31 minutes ago

    @bunnie That's really cool

    j0z0r pwn4tr0n says:31 minutes ago

    What kind of assurances do you have that a state-level actor isn't just reporting back to the UI that "All is well"? You know, like if they have already backdoored your router or phone even

    AKA says:31 minutes ago

    sounds awesome, btw, not trying to hate on it, ily bunnie...

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Bhavesh Kakwani wrote 02/06/2017 at 14:46 point

It's amazing that you got bunnie to come in for a hackchat! Very excited!

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