Hackaday LA May Meetup Recap

Fresh off the heels of Maker Faire Bay Area, Hackaday LA joined together for another installment of talks, demos, and food & drink. The past few months of Hackaday LA have been weekend events, so we’re glad to have come back to our regular weekday evening meetups.

This month’s talks were from the Hackaday family. We had a very insightful talk given to us by Alberto Molina, winner of the Hackaday Prize 2016. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much applause from the Hackaday community.

Alberto gave us not only a rundown of the DTTO Robot, but also a status of his progress at the Supplyframe DesignLab, and a look into the updates and upgrades he's done to the DTTO.

Mike Szczys, Editor-in-Chief of Hackaday talks (and demos) of the blinky projects he created.

Mike explained he was trying to figure out the math behind it all, until he came across a relieving quote quote from Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz: ‘Please don’t worry if you can’t follow the mathematics.’

Lighting Talks and Demos:

We had quite a long list of people signing up for lightning talks or demos. We’re thrilled to see that people in our community are becoming more comfortable with putting themselves out there and showing off the great things they’re making

We highly encourage the community to bring demos and show off what they're making! It what makes our community great, so let's collaborate and give and get feedback (or even ask for help!).


Please RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Hackaday-Los-Angeles/events/239674987/

We've had two months of special Hackaday LA events that took place on the weekends - we really hope you enjoyed the Unconference and World Create Day! In May, we're going back to our regularly programmed weekday evening meetups.

Hackaday has launched The Hackaday Prize 2017 and Round 1: Design Your Concept has concluded. We're now kicking off Round 2: IoT :: IUT. That's Internet of Useful Things! We'll be sharing about the impressive Design Your Concept projects we received and what IoT :: IUT is all about. Join us on Tuesday, May 23!

Featured Guest Speakers

Mike Szczys - Tonight We're Gonna Blink It Like It's 1962

Mike is an Orchestra Musician by night and Editor-in-Chief of Hackaday by day. His entrance into electronics started with BEAM robot builds but quickly moved into the realm of embedded systems. He spends his waking hours chasing down new tricks performed through clever application of existing hardware. This has suited him well since joining Hackaday.com in 2009. He has an unquenchable thirst for seeing future technology become reality before his eyes — a drive perfectly suited for the hardware hacking universe.

Alberto Molina Perez - DESIGN - DEVELOPMENT - DTTO

Alberto Molina is the 2016 Hackaday Prize winner and creator of DTTO, a modular robot for search and rescue missions. Since winning the Hackaday Prize, Alberto has conducted research and testing in Spain and Germany and is currently completing a Residency at the Supplyframe DesignLab.


Call For Lightning Talks

Projects and hacks are always highly encouraged. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your project in front of Mike Szczys of Hackaday! We will feature an open session of lightning talks. A sign-up sheet will be available and it will be first-come, first-serve.

Don't forget to bring along your demos and Hackaday.io projects. You made it, so it's time to show if off. Extra points if you bring your #HackadayPrize project. Get feedback, ask for advice, or get people to join your team.

If you haven't seen the Hackaday Prize video yet, here it is:



The Design Lab is at 30 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, CA. You probably won't find street parking nearby, but please see this Google map showing the Supplyframe DesignLab location and nearby parking structures:

• Del Mar Station Parking Structure (2 min walk), 198 South Raymond Avenue. 626.817.0827

• Schoolhouse Park & Walk Structure (7 min walk), 33 East...

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