Badgelife HackChat Transcript Pt.2

A event log for Badgelife chat

Badgelife is all the groups making unofficial conference badges for DEF CON. Reports say up to 5000 badges will be made! Epic!

Shulie TornelShulie Tornel 07/14/2017 at 20:050 Comments

charliexpick and place definitely helps, we're looking to upgrade our mini one and then get a better over, the chinese ones are getting super cheap now

The Toymakers (tymkrs)That'd be pretty cool @true

charliex @Todd cool i'll pm you addy

Hyr0n shoot its already 1245

bitstr3m @charliex just started woking on the 2011 layer one badge

true Karl, that's the dream and goal. delayed with the issues this year and it takes money, but hopefully it'll be there sooner rather than later.

alusion What do you guys think of repurposing hardware like the zsun ( rather than getting pcb from somewhere?

Hyr0n have to get back to non-badge job (the one that actually pays me)

charliex @bitstr3m heh

Lutetium thanks for joining us @Hyr0n !

Karl Koscher It takes about 3 hours to build our badge by hand with a regular iron...

true alusion, it depends on your goal for a badge. a badge just for the sake of one is meh. but if it's to learn, or show off something neat, go for it

charliex @Karl Koscher whats the part count

Sujith Anandan openpnp?

true I'll bring a spare zsun to hack on and test your firmware :)

Todd yikes, 3hrs by hand!

Karl Koscher @charliex: I think it's about 128

charliexlots of thru hole?

alusion my badge idea is based off piratebox / usb dead drops but with mixed reality flair

Karl Koscher no, almost exclusively surface mount. but I don't have a hot air station :|

charliex hot plate :)

alusion zsun is half the size of raspberry pi 0, me likey

Sujith Anandan how to protect the badge from short circuit?, i mean accidental contact with metal objects like pen

alusion I want to create a key or spike shape casing

Todd hot air stations can be really cheap

trueif anyone needs to do badge repairs or work at defcon, WP will have tools (irons, hot air, reflow, through-hole desoldering, microscope, oscilloscope, PSU, DSA, etc) in our room.

Karl Koscher excellent!

Hyr0n or HHV

gateherder I agree with @true -- badge creation is more like art ... creating for the enjoyment of creating, and for watching others enjoy using/hacking/etc them ... IMO ... copying another design might be faster, but looses a lot of the core of #badgelife ...

Clay Thank you, to all of the people who make badges, and #badgelife possible. You rock my socks!

Whitney Merrill @Karl Koscher should we drop the video?

Karl Koscher sure, why not

bitstr3m @alusion depends on whether you want to to integration or design

true Hyr0n, HHV is packed, we have booze :) but yes HHV is good too

alusion I don't have much access to fab equipment, my local hackerspace hasnt finished moving to new place yet D:

Jorge Lacoste @Sujith Anandan it's really not that difficult, as long as the pen doesn't complete the circuit. for some ciritical designs we used pieces of tape to cover the battery

charliex i make badges because joe grand is such a nice guy, he told me one day i'd gt tired of it too though

alusion would love for badge meetup at nullspace or design lab tho

charliex well nullspace would have to come out of storage first ;)

Benchoff Well we got another question for the badgelife crew: "good Q to answer here: "I heard that a bunch of badges are being created this year because 1057's badge got cancelled.. is that true?""

Karl Koscher so mainly for the lulz, I synced the LEDs on one of our prototype badges to some music over wifi: Merrill says:12:49 P

@Benchoff NO

Whitney Merril defcinitely not

bitstr3m nullspace should come out of storage

Jorge Lacoste @Benchoff FAKE NEWS

true I don't think groups care about making a badge because someone else isn't making a badge.

Whitney Merrill yah-- design was started long before the DEFCON announcement

charliex only when it finds new gigs, in the meantime nullspace north still exists

Karl Koscher DEF CON announced badge issues mid-june. That isn't enough time to make badges in any real quantity

Hyr0n Next day

alusion @Karl Koscher AWESOME!!

The Toymakers (tymkrs) Seconded what Karl Koscher says

Crypty McCryptoFace has joined this room.12:50 P

bitstr3m for many of the badgemakers that annoucement came as a surprise too

Jorge Lacoste @Crypty McCryptoFace the XOR cyrpto god

Piotr Esden-Tempski I think everyone including those that are making badges got surprised about the badge issues at defcon. I know I was.

Jorge Lacoste badgelife and defcon don't really have much overlap at all

alusion Is the badge maker for the one inspired by The Diamond Age here?

Karl Koscher I cranked the LEDs to 11 in that video, so you can sorta see the power regulators struggling to keep up

charliex heh

Karl Koscher but it didn't crash!

Jorge Lacoste we have tried many times to reach out to defcon to get some sorta advanced notice on what they badge would be like so we could integrate our design with the main badge

Whitney Merrill yah- was half suprised, 1 badge life has taught me anything can happen to fuck up production and 2. ive heard lots about the Defcon badge issues in the past

Jorge Lacoste they never once responded

charlie i still have boxes of cheap 18650s in hte house, waiting for a fire to break out any day

charliex theyre usually crazy busy

alusion what I need to do is observe you pro badge makers make one from scratch


would relieve a lot of anxiety about getting into this stuff and not wasting parts

Hyr0n we document most of the life through page

Jorge Lacoste @alusion watch the 'getting to blinky' kicad videos

MrRobotBadge You got six months to spare?

charliex use smd, then the lost parStep 1 - Idea. Step 2 Badge

MrRobotBadge and OSH Stencils is great.

charliex nsl has boxes and boxes of smd gear and equipment

hackb0t I should do a badge this year

alusion I would def have 6 months to spare if I raised enough money for my badge idea.

Piotr Esden-Tempski @Hyr0n just do it in essence. :D

The Toymakers (tymkrs) Stencils are a must period.

true smd is also easy to work on. if you haven't done it before, find us and we'll teach you.

Todd The ANDnXOR panel at LayerOne this year on their badge was fantastic... I learned a lot and got the itch.

Andrew through hole is painful for hand assembly

Whitney Merrill true- draws blood

Hyr0n thanks @Todd

charliex a proper stencil press as well as stencil is also a godsend

alusion a stencil press eh?

hackb0t stencil?

alusion interesting

bitstr3m @The Toymakers (tymkrs) I disagree with stencils

Piotr Esden-Tempski @charliex what is the press you like? :D

charliex though we did buy a cheap chinese one this year, and the one we made last minute out of MDF and a couple of door hinges out performed it

Clay @true 'find us, we'll teach you' Can I bring whiskey?

alusion I have a cutting machine.

Hyr0n Okay, gotta jump off. this is awesome though, so grateful you guys like what we all work on and cant wait to drink with you all at the con'


MrRobotBadge What kind of question is, 'can I bring whiskey?'

The Toymakers (tymkrs) @bitstr3m 500 badges, 120 parts?

alusion cya at DC !

bitstr3m @The Toymakers (tymkrs) but then again I use tabs

true Whitney, a bunch of people found themselves in our suite last year trying to solder dcdarknet or tiaracon or other badges, taught a bunch of people, it was fun

charliex @Piotr Esden-Tempski this style

bitstr3m@The Toymakers (tymkrs) ok on that ratio stencils is a must

Piotr Esden-Tempski DC is almost here ... so now: "panic" :D

The Toymakers (tymkrs) I made the mistake with year one's cyphercon badge of doing those purely by hand and solder paste

The Toymakers (tymkrs Hands cramped like you wouldn't believe

Whitney Merril OH yeah- thru hole is great, but ive been cut by badges

charliex also using the wrong solder paste is a bad idea for badges, esp if doing hand assy/people wearing them

The Toymakers (tymkrs) Have fun all, nice seeing chat from those we chat with on twitter!

bitstr3m I gotta run this has been a blast see you all at the con

Whitney Merrill we have a through hole part this year

Karl Koscher luckily we block it from poking you with a LiPo battery ;)

Whitney Merrill and hopefully it wont poke the lipo battery - BOOM

jculbert AND we're snipping the leads

Karl Koscher shhh yess... it will be fine :P

jculberts hopefully no badge fires

Khyro @MrRobotBadge "What kind of question is..." A subtle hint at bribery

Lutetium thank for coming @bitstr3m !

Khyron Shut up and take my booze!

Karl Koscher AFAIK there has only been one LiPo fire at DEF CON, and it wasn't badge-related

charliex only small badge fires allowed

Whitney Merrill Badge sales is also a hot topc

MrRobotBadge Hey, so you can get 0604 blasting caps on a reel. Just FYI.

Karl Koscher those vishay EPICs?

MrRobotBadg Yep.

Karl Kosche BOOM

Richard Hogben new badge list

Sophi Kravitz I have to run too...thanks for coming badgelife people!

Sophi Kravitz we'll be posting a transcript in a bit

charlie thats what i call feedback then

Mike Szczys It was a blast, thanks all!

Whitney Merril @Richard Hogben CPV is missing

Whitney Merril Thanks @Mike Szczys

Richard Hogbe link?

Jordan Bunke thanks everyone!

charliex neato

Sophi Kravitz good list @Richard Hogben !

Karl Koscher @Richard Hogben: right now there's not much there, but:

Whitney Merrill

HACKADAYThe 2017 Crypto and Privacy Village Badge


Read this on Hackaday >

Sophi Kravit thanks @Whitney Merrill !

Richard Hogben got it