Come one, come all to a party with [Brian], me, and the Hackaday readers who live in the Los Angeles area. Tickets are free, as is the beer, food, t-shirts, stickers, and other swag which you won’t find out about unless you show up in person.

This is the first official live Hackaday meetup and is open to all ages. During the summer we talked about making Hackaday a virtual hackerspace, and this event is one part of that initiative. We’ll let you in on some stuff we’ve been planning, but in return I expect you to tell us your thoughts on how the Hackaday community can get bigger and better. We’re also using the attendance at this event to judge if we should host more live events (possibly in other cities too). So if you’re in LA get your ticket now and make sure your friends do the same!

UPDATE 3: Get your name on the waiting list…

It took just over 24 hours to give away all 450 tickets. But never fear, you can still add your name to the waiting list by going to the link above. If anyone who already registered changes their mind they can release their ticket and it will be offered to whomever is on the top of the waiting list.

UPDATE 2: Holy cow, we blew through 300 tickets. But we’ve released more. Get yours now, then keep reading below.

What a wild ride! My original plan was to offer Early Bird Tickets for one week, then release more if we needed them after that. But we blew through all 300 in about ten hours. This is going to be awesome. We really do want to pack the house so I’ve released the addition 150 “hold” tickets. There’s no difference in the tickets, but this really is all we have left so get yours NOW!

UPDATE 1: Just over 3 hours and we’ve given away well over 100 tickets!