The Dallas Makerspace and Hackaday are hosting a 2016 Hackaday Prize meetup. We'd love you to join us. There will be lightning talks to show off your project or share an idea you're currently working on. Hackaday will also supply pizza and beer for your enjoyment and responsible refreshment.

[Mike Szczys] and [ Brandon Dunson ] of the Hackaday crew will be in attendance to tell you about the 2016 Hackaday Prize. The grand prize is a trip to space (seriously, we don't joke about space) but we get it if you're afraid of heights and we have some other prize levels to tell you about.

Come out and show off your project, give a short talk, or simply rub elbows with some fellow Dallas based hackers, makers, engineers, and artists.

If you’re working on a project you should give a lightning talk. These are less than 7 minutes where you can talk about what got you onto the topic, and what has happened so far. This is a great way to troubleshoot a project; need to leverage some experienced hackers to get over a problem? This is how to do it!