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Washington, District of Columbia
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Things I've Built

Sell's Mendel (ftw)

Many years ago I purchased a used set of plastic parts for a Sell's Mendel (they actually came from Prusa!). I self-sourced most of the remaining parts and put it together. It works to this day (with minor repairs). :D

Train Whistle

I did not make the train. I did not make the train tracks. I didn't even make the whistle. I did put these things together, and people seem to really like it.

OhmEye's OhMini H-Quad

1x Standard Issue 3d Printed Quadcopter.


Credit: The printed design was based on the work of two other people, the electronics setup was based on a different person's work, and the software was a collection of tools that a bunch of other people wrote.

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