Hackaday Prize 2018

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robert-hartRobert Hart 03/22/2018 at 10:230 Comments

We are very excited at Hackerspace Adelaide to hear the fifth annual Hackaday Prize is now on!

The Hackaday Prize a global competition that challenges hackers, makers, tinkerers, engineers and designers of all  backgrounds to “Build Hope” through open source hardware projects.  We hoping more Hackerspace Adelaide and other Australians will submit their ideals this year.  

Robert Hart a founding member of Hackerspace Adelaide and Paul Schulz have been in the competition since 2014 and were a semifinalist in 2015 and 2017. In 2017 they won the Design your concept competition $1000us and the Internet of useful things competition $1000us for Robert's Cosmic Array Project. So if they can, you certainly can or at least give it a go.

Sponsored by Digi-Key and Supply frame, the 2018 Hackaday Prize follows suit from last

This year’s competition by splitting up the seven-month-long contest into five themed challenges that run five weeks each from March 12 to Oct. 8.

The first round of the competition is the “Open HardwareDesign Challenge,” where entrants are encouraged to design the boldest plan they can dream up. Prototypes are not necessary for this challenge - only pictures, charts and theory are required. The Open Hardware Design Challenge kicks off today and runs through April 23.

The remaining rounds are the “Robotics Module Challenge” (April 23-June 4), “Power Harvesting Challenge” (June 4-July 16), “Human-Computer Interface Challenge” (July 16-Aug. 27) and the “Innovative Musical Instrument Challenge” (Aug. 27-Oct. 8).