Quantity   Tool name
1 × Large workshop All the basic electronics tools for soldering/reflow, power supplies, scopes, logic analysers, drills, table saw, MIG welder & much more
2 × CNC's We have 2 CNC's: a tiny Roland MDX15 for the nitty gritty work and a huge Shopbot for larger things.
1 × Wood/metal lathe
2 × 8 3D printers As well as a large selection of plastics for member use
1 × Reflow oven & Pick'n'place T-962 oven, smallsmt vp-2500d PnP
1 × PCB etching tools Etching tanks, chemicals, heating element, gloves, goggles
1 × Laser cutters 700x500mm work area (60W), 700x900mm work area (110W)
1 × Textile room Singer industrial machine, overlock, normal machines, mirrors....