Mark Jelic

Been tinkering with Z80s for 40 years and finally managed to release my ultimate TEC-1

Sydney, Australia
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This user joined on 07/24/2020.

Things I've Built

TEC-1 Z80Bus Adapter

And it all started by actually giving the TEC-1 a proper interface you could attach things to it!

Z80Bus X4 Expansion System

Needed a way I could add multiple things to the TEC-1 while developing the TEC-1G

Matrix Keyboard for the TEC-1

I wanted a full QWERTY keyboard for the TEC-1G, so this was created for the TEC-1 to test the concept.

LCD for the TEC-1

Adding an LCD to the TEC-1 was a critical step in the development of the TEC-1G.

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