How semiconductors have revolutionized the electronics?

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Technology is getting more advanced day by day. If we make a comparison with the last decade we will see how far we have come. It's like smartphones have taken place of many devices. It has a messages app, and a caller app above of all we can connect those people easily who are miles away with just a click. There is no doubt to say that semiconductor has made a new revolution in the tech industry. This is one of the most important components upon which the world wide web is based and it connects the world. Most of the devices and gadgets that we use in our daily life have semiconductors as the main element. In this article, I'll give a brief overview that what is the importance of semiconductors in today's world and how they have revolutionized the whole electronics industry. But before that, I'll give a brief overview that what are semiconductors?

Overview of Semiconductors

Let me explain to you in some simple words what are semiconductors. Actually while transmitting the electricity from one place to another, the material is divided into three main parts i.e. conductors, insulators, and semiconductors respectively. From our home's wiring to the headphones we use in our daily life they have all transmitted electricity which means they are conductors. On the other hand, insulators are the one that prevents the flow of electricity through them. In between these two materials, there come the semiconductors. One of the characteristics of the semiconductor is that it can control the flow of electric charges and decides their direction. 

Depending on the situation they act as a conductor or insulator. Under many circumstances, heat is the main factor to decide on the material to adapt characteristics. If the temperature rises then semiconductors are more likely to be conductors as they break their covalent bond. On the contrary, if the temperature falls then superconductors are being used. But that is only for some specific applications. 

The types of semiconductors are majorly categorized based on terminal types  explained below:

1. Two-Type Semiconductor 

These semiconductors have only one positive-negative (p-n) junction.

2. Three-Type Semiconductor

These semiconductors have positive-negative-positive  (p-n) junctions.

The devices that use semiconductors are listed below:

                    MASS               VOLUME
Tunnel DiodeBipolar Transistor
Laser Diode Thyristor
Zener DiodeInjunction Transistor
Light Emitting Diode (LED)TRIAC

Examples of semiconductors are Silicon, Selenium, Tellurium, and Gallium arsenide respectively.

Application and Advantages of Semiconductors in our daily lives

1. Applications of Semiconductors

Some of the important applications of semiconductors are listed below:

To maintain the electric appliances at home, it is important to control the motor flexibility in case to reduce the unnecessary movements.


In our air conditioner, the inverter circuits and temperature sensors are made up of semiconductors.

The main focus of semiconductors is in our automation industry. The power required to start automation parts is induced by semiconductors. Power is supplied to Robots, and a servo system is converted to a required voltage and then this voltage is the main requirement of the machines.

The solar energy is converted to electric energy through a photovoltaic effect and they convert the solar energy with the help of photovoltaic cells which are made up of silicon semiconductors. The photovoltaic cells then transfer the energy to electrons in the semiconductor material which then flows in the form of an electric current and ultimately produces electricity.

2. Advantages of semiconductor

A semiconductor is in the state of solids so it can resist shock easily.

A semiconductor cost less than a vacuum tube and they are budget-friendly.

A semiconductor is considered to be environmentally friendly as it creates less noise while operating.

Semiconductors are easily portable as their size is small.

How are Semiconductors changing the world?

It is not wrong to say that semiconductors have revolutionized the world. Before semiconductors, there was the use of vacuum tubes and they consume a lot of power. When more power was consumed more heat was produced which ultimately failed in the end. There is no comparison of today's technology with vacuum tube computers. Those who know about these inventions and the knowledge these semiconductors holds knows the importance of it. 

Semiconductor technology has not only changed lifestyle but has made our lives easier. But here there is a problem that circuit technology has reached a level where further advancement in that field is not possible. It is becoming impossible to fit more transistors in the required small space. Some predict that in the future that might be achievable. 


Technology is revolutionizing day by day and they have become an integral part of human life. It is very hard to imagine a life where we have to place a phone call on vacuum tube cellphones. So, here thanks to the semiconductors.