How Cloud Computing is affecting our lives?

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There has been a huge debate on cloud computing and many controversies in the past. Many arguments and confusion in the IT departments arouse how this cloud computing can take place of old traditional means of storage. But on the other hand, there seems a huge investment from either big corporations or enterprises. To explain cloud technology in some simpler words we define it as a network of virtual computer servers (can be a thousand or more) that are placed in different locations. In these computer servers, data can be stored easily and can be accessed. Cloud computing has ended the traditions of storing data on USB drives, floppy disks, or hard disks. Now there is no need to physically move the company's data from one place to another. All we need is to grant access through our smartphones or computers with good internet access.

Dropbox, iCloud, and Facebook are cloud computing examples where users can easily manage their data.

Here in this article, I'll cover some of the important factors related to cloud computing that how they have a huge impact on our lives. Following are some important fields in which cloud computing has benefits.

In many Professional institutes, cloud computing plays an important. There might be a reason for doing so. First of all, is the easy access to the information. Students can easily view their subject-related material and can learn from it.  Also one of the best advantages is that students can enroll in any online course or degree program and can be a part of group discussions. Moreover, this has reduced the education expenses which means students can have easy access to data at less cost. Many colleges and universities have understood the need for cloud computing, so they offer online courses, class enrollments, and the tracking of assignments. So, now there is no need to spend capital on data storage or to reform an expensive infrastructure for that.

There are many reasons why we can say that has revolutionized cloud computing in the health industry. One of the most common examples is the non-siloed information of the patient.  They include hospital management and patients' information about the doctor and medical history. So, it has become easy for the patient to go through their monthly checkups, reports, medical prescription, and appointment next date. The patient and doctor can easily communicate with each other while sitting miles through their smartphones and with good internet access. This technology has provided facilities to those patients who cannot have a serious health concerns. So, in this way, they stay connected with their doctors. 

When we buy some home appliance for our home or buy a car and that creates problem after some time then what we do is to take that thing to the specialist and he detects the problems and repairs it. But sometimes it becomes hard to detect the problem and ultimately it takes multiple attempts to detect the actual problem. The same is the case that happens with us when we attend the doctor. Firstly he examined by himself and then wrote down some tests and after a few more steps, the severity of any disease is detected. 

That situation improved when our home appliances have computers installed in them. All we need to do is to take it to the repairman and he runs an error code and detects the problem and solve it. Today's scientist predicts that shortly the majority of the devices will be connected to the internet and it will become easy to detect the problems. This connectivity to the internet is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the widespread of the internet, everything becomes smart. From our door locks to fire alarms, they all alert us instantly and save us from the incident. you can argue with these smart device companies to bypass them entirely with the access of webcams to have a sneak peek inside your house. You can also easily enjoy your trip and have full access to see what going on inside your house or if you're off to work you can have an eye on your children.

The Cloud Computing: It's Everywhere

Cloud technology has taken the whole world at our fingertips. Everything is available from our homes to the healthcare sector and educational sector with just a single click. Hence, life is getting much easier with this wonderful type of technology.