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I don't know that all of these are worth putting on IO, but I will list them here, so anyone with any interest or input can contact me about them. Some may end up as a project when I am ready to work on them.

I have a Xenetech 912 rotary engraver that has been partially converted to a CNC machine. I intend on having a quick and reliable method for producing PCB's when it is done. I have used the toner transfer method with great success in the past, including dual sided PCB's, but I want to do away with the chemicals. I have successfully managed to  control the machine with LinuxCNC, but I don't know enough about CNC machines in general to configure things correctly yet. And then I moved, and stopped working on it for lack of a good place to put it.

I have two awesome audio bluetooth modules from bluegiga that were intended as a wireless audio solution, which functioned great, except for the inherent latency in bluetooth that made it impossible to use in a live music situation. Need a good project to use them on.

My first real project was the Raquetball scorecard, which you can find linked elsewhere in my profile,  and it works great. It also sparked a love of nixie tubes in me, and i have a clock planned. I may not put that one on IO, just because there are 8 million nixie projects out there already. I suppose it only costs me a little time though.

Things I would like to do but have no current plans to undertake:

quad copter

home automation

android app design

learning other development platforms. I really only have experience with arduino at this point.



Hermes Sandoval wrote 05/09/2016 at 16:47 point

Is there anywhere I can check your project about converting the Xenetech 912? I got one just laying there, since the communication board on the PC got fried.

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