K.C. LeeK.C. Lee wrote 08/17/2020 at 03:10 • 2 min read • Like

I found a working version of STM8 V-USB for a HID keypad.  I have refactored and modified the stack to support Vendor Request packets.  The limitation is that (3) other GPIO pins on the same port are only available as inputs.  I got a work around for  - just turn them into PWM and you can force them individually H or L.  :)

Here is a porototype for a STM8 version of LCD2USB that I used for debugging the V-USB stack.  LCD Smarties can be used to control it under Windows.

It is working good enough this morning, so I went ahead and made a toner transfer PCB.

It works first time.  :) 

I have broken out headers for serial port, I2C as the PCB might be useful for my other projects.  I also have pads for a tiny crystal for projects e.g. LCD clock.