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CarsoncannonCarsoncannon wrote 02/06/2021 at 08:37 • 3 min read • Like

Every worker unemployed from the global pandemic or automation represents a loss of a potential customer. If not a direct customer then a customer of a customer and so on down the chain. Labor shortage presents a huge problem, connecting available workers to a company experiencing a shortage in workers in the same area. Currently, no solution exists for remote work options for work requiring direct physical contact. This virus is a medical condition. It’s a basic accessibility problem similar to a physical handicap. I don’t think it is any different from any other physical disability; it just involves the whole body. We could provide our workers with expensive Haz-Mat suits in event of exposure/ viral outbreak and waste a lot of money and material. Or we could push to initiate development in affordable, cost-effective, and practical remote work solutions. Let’s set an example. The duality of these machines is they can be used for automation and oppression or remote work and liberation. The essential workers who haven’t already lost work to automation around the world represent a deficit to industry. It’s basic supply and demand. A huge labor market that continues to grow could be capitalized for economic growth and prosperity, or not. The other opportunity I see is the accelerated development of general artificial intelligence. With the use of the right control systems, all remote work performed could be recorded and added to a data set to train artificial neural networks. The larger the data set the better the network would perform. Learning from human motion and movements could help teach identification of work, staying on task, and being a productive worker. I believe this could lead to human-level understanding and problem-solving something the current automation machines lack. The global pandemic is only accelerating automation. Machines don’t get sick, do not need health insurance or long-term expensive medical care. Machines work for free constantly without end, never get tired or fatigued, and don’t complain. How could humans compete? Even current tax laws and incentives are against us. Machine Labor is cheaper than human. Why? Can’t we develop some sort of Hybrid? Remote control when it’s needed automation when it’s not? I believe it’s possible and something the world needs right now. So please let’s use the power of domestic manufacturing and American ingenuity to design and build and manufacture on a large enough scale to drive down costs and make this as affordable and common as a pick-up truck or tractor but orders of magnitude more useful. Let’s work to employ more potential customers from around the world. Free up skilled workers from the demands of unskilled physical labor and repetitive uninteresting work. This work equates to a direct financial loss when it distracts and delays us from the quality and value we add as we complete our process of production. If I was a partial owner or full owner of such a machine that offered supplemental income in case of disruption I would be the first one to voluntarily lay-off and use the time to reinvest in my own education and skills training. To me, this is a huge opportunity to Fix a Labor shortage, Employ potential customers worldwide, end the waste of skilled worker's time on low-skilled tasks, slow illegal immigration, increase America's labor force in turn increasing our GDP and contribute to general artificial intelligence. I have ideas for a machine and control system. Please help.



Carsoncannon wrote 02/08/2021 at 16:43 point  pretty expensive $21,500 but a small business loan should cover it if my inheritance doesn't cover it. Its all open source and freely availible.

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Carsoncannon wrote 02/08/2021 at 16:28 point

Thank You, Margaret : ) that was my great grandma's name. She welded battleships in WW2. Anyways, Just exposure spread the message. I have been trying to get this idea out. I had to borrow from my 401k to buy that AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle). Unfortunately, my father passed away in November 2020, with the inheritance he left I hope to buy a reachy telerobot from pollen robotics. The robot can be controlled over virtual reality. I hope to lease it to small businesses struggling or start some kind of franchise business and if neither of those options works out just start a non-profit. Sad to see all the small businesses lost, all the awesome food and goods and services that I will never know, and the struggle and determination that you just can't buy from the big online stores.

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Margaret wrote 02/08/2021 at 09:56 point

I think if we go full automation it will come back and bite us in the butt. The machines as fantastic as they can be, are not humans. They lack creativity and they simply repeat the task. As complicated as the task would be it is still just a repetition. I full-heartedly agree that we need a kind of a hybrid. Make our jobs easier but do not make us redundant. I am willing to listen and to help. If you can advise how my brand can help, let me know. I am all ears.  

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