SSR Module Demo 1

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Build and use an array of Solid State Relays!

HexabitzHexabitz 03/29/2018 at 04:490 Comments

We built a smaller array of three relay modules (H09R00) and one DC-DC power module (H03R00 ) to control actual AC loads. This is a simple software example to test SSR functionality:

This example is shown in the following three videos:  

How to execute this example?

The source code for this project is in the attached zip folder. Each demo example code is available in a separate C source file in User folder called main_ex1.c, main_ex2.c, etc. To run a specific example, replace the main.c file content with the content of the example file and recompile the project for all three targets. Check firmware update article for instructions on loading firmware to the modules.