Stick Lumber Storage

I have a pile of 2by, 1by, etc. lumber, and some PVC pipe as well, that I would like to have a better home for. My plan, build a shelf.

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My plan is to build a multi level shelf alng side the garage door that will make it easy to store and use stick lumber and various Other materials.

Here are the final demensions of my build. There are two shelves each 12 inches wide by 96 inches long. The shelves are suspended from two vertical 2x4s that are attached to the ceiling with 3/8inch lag screws into the ceiling joists as well as 3-1/8 deck screws to each wall stud along the legth of the shelf. The top shelf has 8 inches of clearance to the ceiling suports and the bottom shelf has 10 inches of clearance to the top shelf.

  • 2 × 12x96x.5 inch Plywood Plywood
  • 7 × 8 Foot 2by4s
  • 100 × 3-1/8 inch "Deck" screws
  • 4 × 3/8 by 4 inch lag screws

  • Thats it.

    Tony03/25/2016 at 01:52 0 comments

    There you have it. That is the end of this project, which I really only put on here to get a feel for how .io would work for short projects. It seems to work ok though there isnt much in this project that seemed overly chalanging, but who knows mabey some one will find it useful. Back to my other projects

  • Build Pictures/Supports

    Tony03/25/2016 at 01:43 0 comments

  • Some pictures of the build process/building shelves.

    Tony03/24/2016 at 02:25 0 comments

    Building shelves.

  • Done! Well sort of...

    Tony03/22/2016 at 01:57 0 comments

    I spent my Sunday afternoon putting my shelf togather with the help of my Girlfriend and her nephew.

    I made a design change to the outside edge supports, most notably reducing the number from three to two. I also attached two 12 inch long 2x4s to the ceiling that I then attached the outside edge supports to using the 3/8ths lag screws for both. This was in place of the original plan to have the edge supports pass through the sheet rock and attaching to the ceiling joists. I chose to do this becuase it would put a tension load on the lag screws vrs the originaly planed shear load. Also, it was far easier to run the screw up through the ceiling vrs tring to back to the suports in the attic.

    I will work on drawing some asbuilt plans and continue documenting the build in the detials section I think. Mabey, if it feels like it would make sense, I will do a basic instruction set.

  • The Plan.

    Tony03/13/2016 at 20:28 0 comments

    Here is the plan. I am going to use a 2 by 4 frame and plywood "floors". Its not the most efficiant spacewise but its cheep and I have most of it. In fact it looks like 1/4 lag screws are the only thing I need, but I will probably pick up a few extras for stock.

    Qty. Description

    2 12x96x.5 inch plywood

    Aprox 100. 3-1/8 "deck" screws

    6 3x1/4 lag screws

    7 8 foot 2 by 4s

  • Step One

    Tony03/13/2016 at 19:34 0 comments

    Step one is planning. I am hopping to use what I have on hand to keep the cost low but if safety is at risk, a trip to the store is not a problem.

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