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    10/10/2021 at 03:28 0 comments

    I have a few Lion balancing BMS boards.  These were wired 3P x 4S with 3 cell monitoring wires besides the main wires for the cells.  It appears that the same ports on the unit are used for charging and discharging.  There are ports for 2 thermistors.  They do not come with.  Sorry!  They are epoxied to the batteries that I want.  There is a led fuel gauge type, pushbutton activated LED readout.  These are from healthcare battery packs,  they look super well made.  Not sure if they are dead or alive.  Some of them lit up a bar or three when I hit the button back when they had the cells.

    I have 3 of the little single cell Lion charge/discharge controllers.   I got a stick of 10.  The first 5 or so work fine and I have them scattered about on things.  Recently I was building a pack for a solar powered project and tried with an old one, and that one I fat fingered something from the battery to something else.  That one did not work after that.  No big surprise.  The next two I was very careful with and if I recall right I get no output on them.  Combine them with the above..

    I have a couple barcode scanners.  They end in a proprietary wired  RJ45.  No idea.  I want to keep a couple to take apart and play with but the others are open.

    Fujistu scanner.  One of the stand up ones that auto feeds pages.  I do not have the 24V 2A power supply.  I am not hording this one.  I did not get it with it.  So, untested, but the stuff I got from here has generally worked.

    Drop me a PM if you want any of this.  I will ask you to get me a flat rate USPS shipping box and I will put any of the goodies you want in it and get it outa my pile and into yours.