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A project log for 6 inch Pi E-ink display

Make a board to interface the Raspberry Pi with a surplus Kindle screen. The smaller and cheaper, the better

j0z0r pwn4tr0nj0z0r pwn4tr0n 05/28/2016 at 21:140 Comments

Looking through, I found more than a few projects using e-ink displays. The work of these people may help get me closer to doing what I'm working with, but none of them are exactly suited for my use case for one reason or another.

This one is the closest to what I need, and may even be able to be adapted to work, however, I would like to make mine smaller and Raspberry Pi specific. With this you could connect the Pi through a breadboard, but i want my solution to "bolt right up" so to speak.

This guy is making a Pip-boy like survival guide device. the idea here is to digitize loads of content that would be useful in a survival situation, and be able to view it on a screen that conserves battery in a time of need.

This project uses an STM32 micro-controller to drive the exact display I'm using in my project. This would be an option for people that perhaps want this as an internet appliance, but I want the full desktop experience.

This one is a watch that uses the smaller e-ink display. A smaller display is also something I want to explore, but let's just focus on the main event for now.

This one is a conference badge with a small e-ink display. I think this is an ideal use of the technology, because most of the time it could be displaying static information and conserving energy.

I feel like my project brings something different to the table, by marrying it with a raspberry pi, the de facto standard in single board computers these days.