PressDrill 9000

With the PresssDrill 9000 PCB drilling will be a blast!

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The PressDrill 9000 is a motorized plunge drill press. With its mounted camera you will now be more accurate in the drilling of the PCB Holes and with its foot pedal you can activate the drill plunge.


Not everyone can own a pcb mill or a cnc machine. Sometimes using a dremel to drill holes becomes tedious. If you are like me an etch your own pcb prototypes, drilling the holes is sometimes the reason you buy pizza a case of energy drinks and invite some friends over and hook them into helping you finish the drilling.


The "PressDrill 9000" provides a Monitor , Camera and an actuated Plunge feature by a foot pedal that will improve your at home pcb fabrication.

  • 1 × Monitor 7" Monitor used to view Video feed.
  • 1 × USB/Composite Camera.
  • 1 × Drill Chuck.

  • Which Camera?

    Daniel Frausto05/25/2016 at 04:42 0 comments

    Been busy, but now deciding what Camera to use? I have salvaged a camera from an old laptop and was able to get it working. Thankfully the camera was a USB laptop camera. i simply Probed and was able to determine what each pin was. I only needed to add a 22ohm (red, red, black) resistor to "enable" the camera. Take a look.

    Currently mounting the camera to "prototype". Be back in a few...

  • Pass me that hack saw...

    Daniel Frausto05/14/2016 at 23:11 0 comments

    Picked up this broken microscope today. Decided to use it as the "feeler" for the pressdrill concept. added my flex attachment for my rotary tool and fits like a charm.

  • Basic Assembly

    Daniel Frausto05/05/2016 at 08:12 0 comments

    The Inspiration:

    Looking at an old microscope I had laying around I shall use to prototype as faze out any flaws that i have overlooked.

    Main concern is the motor Type,placement and attaching properties that are gonna be useful. Here's so that tomorrow is a productive day.

  • Lets get disgning

    Daniel Frausto03/18/2016 at 08:11 0 comments

    We need to get a simple design going. Check out some of my process.

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