Batteryless Power for the Internet of Things

We can use the energy emitted from devices in our everyday lives to power the small things that can improve our lives.

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This project will first attempt to harvest the WiFi energy from routers in our homes or offices to collect enough power to fuel low power sensors. The larger goal is to fine tune that harvesting to be as efficient as possible using antenna design and different materials as well as incorporating other types of RF and non-RF energy harvesting to make a batteryless power supply platform for the Internet of Things.

There has been many research papers on this area. Many have successfully harvested power using varying antenna design and setups; however, there seems to be little non-research work in the area. I would like to find a reliable method for harvesting RF that anyone can reproduce and/or buy easily.

This field could open up doors for people trying to enhance the Internet of Things landscape but have trouble with power needs in remote locations.

Batteryless IoT Power Pack.pdf

High level functional diagram

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Nazwa wrote 04/14/2022 at 16:26 point

why only wifi? not ISM band or 433 or cell phone / space x internet?

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ayoze machin wrote 01/08/2021 at 21:50 point

this and graphene capacitors can make iot possible

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