Optics Kit Christmas Present

A project log for Lasercut Optics Bench

Use your lasercutter to make an optics bench.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 10/09/2016 at 05:330 Comments

The Optics Kit Christmas Present

If you have kids and want to get them interested in science, consider making them an optics kit for Christmas.

Check out the GitHub wiki for a good overview.


I am SO champing at the bit to start work on my other project, but I promised myself that I'd finish up this project for the HAD prize cutoff date first.


And it's eating my brain. I am totally lost for a project video.

For previous videos, I recorded the audio first, then played it through an MP3 player while grabbing/showing things with my hands. That worked pretty well, but was tedious and time consuming.

This time I recorded the audio in pieces and tried to make short video clips to piece together in OpenShot to make the video...

...and failed completely. I've now spent the entire day and I'm exactly nowhere. My best guess is I'll have to redo the entire audio *and* video from scratch tomorrow.


Nothing for it. I've still got two days to put together a video. (And I haven't by any means been letting this go to the last minute-I've been working on the project full-time for the last couple of weeks.)


The good news is that I've finally figured out how to make good-looking images side-by-side with text on the HAD website.

The project on GitHub is pretty-well finished, and the GitHub wiki is coming along nicely. Simple, with lots of pictures, and should be easy to read and follow.