• Long time no post

    luis.figueroa1208/07/2014 at 22:29 0 comments

    It's been a long time since an update, so here it goes. I couldn't get the mpu6050 embedded in the sensor stick to work, so, After much engineering tough, I decided to bring in my raspberry pi, After long hours of exhausting testing, it finally died :( RIP model A, so I decided to buy a B+. More than 50% of the code is up and running, the rest is just the staging parts and the data export, it is already recording altitude, acceleration and the gyroscopic data. More updates will follow during the next few weeks.

  • GPS

    luis.figueroa1205/11/2014 at 12:29 0 comments

    I'm still looking for a good GPS module, as we know, GPS modules are capped at <1g and very few work at above 100k feet. Having this limitation, it is a great disadvantage for a rocket since speeds are grater than 1g.

  • Data recopilation

    luis.figueroa1205/06/2014 at 02:35 0 comments

    I've been looking at various computers used on rocketry and they don't provide the flexibility of adding other sensors or extra functions to their products, also, their costly, 400+, and they need a HAM license, which I don't have.

    So my first thought was: you guessed it! Arduino! But come on, I can do better than that. Why not plain old AVR programming? I have the extra 2kb that the Arduino boot-loader takes away, plus it's easier to manufacture a board this way.

    Im thinking on using the "Sensor Stick" that was featured on HaD's main page on May 4. It has 3 of the most common sensors  I'm going to use: Accelerometer, Gyro and pressure; plus an added one, which I was thinking on adding Humidity, since in theory we know the humidity of upper atmosphere but we haven't been up there or have we?