Moving right along, and getting through the first round of the Hackaday Prize 2018

A project log for BodiHub

A Wearable, "Smart", Internet of Things Development Board That Learns

casual-cyborgCasual Cyborg 09/06/2018 at 16:380 Comments

Whoah, I wasn't expecting that. Apparently, the BodiHub made it through the round of the Human Computer Interface Competition!

Twenty Projects That Just Won the Human Computer Interface Challeng
I was surprised, as I've been working on this thing for two years now, and been continuing on it through out this year and last year. I also noticed some peeps were miffed that I didn't have the required four build logs, and that there were three listed. Here are the previous nine build logs if you want.

A Wearable, IoT+ANN Dev Board for Body Sensing

I'm just too lazy to go and cut and paste all of the months and years previous work, especially all the work that occurred outside of competition in between 2017 and 2018, for the new entry, partly because I think that's wrong to do, but I also don't think I should discount my work that was happening outside of competitions.

I actually had a discussion with one of the Hackaday people, who was trying to convince me to enter my work into the competition, and I almost didn't enter, because he stated that I had to start a whole new project page for it - it has to do with getting enough likes to get some seed money. I wasn't keen on that idea, and I felt like entering would've been a waste of my time, as I wasn't in the mood to just start a whole new project page just to compete. When you've spent almost a year and a half, on a project page building a following, you can see why it doesn't make sense to make a whole new project page just for the competition.

The reason is my previous project page is also a market test page, to see how many people would be interested in the project. If there's enough people interested in it, it justifies me to go ahead and do a production run of these development modules. If not, I can't justify spending the money to do it. Hardware is hard for a reason, and it costs money to bring a product out. It's not like software. 

Now, why am I taking that approach?

I learned some really really harsh lessons from this project, from my defunct startup company,

SynthaSense Suit: Control Stuff With Your Muscles

When you blow your life savings and three to four years of your life on something the market isn't really interested in, that's a harsh ass lesson to stomach. I got spanked pretty hard. And I always, ALWAYS learn my lessons.

Anyway, it'll be up to the judges to decide if the large amount of work I've done before this competition previously should or shouldn't be allowed to qualify as part of the build. Which I personally think is a disservice, because this kind of project takes way way longer than just the time during the competition to do. Many of us do work full time jobs.

Moving on, I've been working steadily on the board, but have also been working to get a startup company on a firm footing, so things have slowed down a bit. This capital infusion should help me get the 3rd iteration of the boards done though. Pictured below, is iteration 2, thanks to Oshpark. You can see it next to the first iteration 1, which is to the right.

Stay tuned!