Energy Floors

World's 1st pedestrian flooring that uses human pressure and solar power to generate local clean electricity

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The Sustainable Energy Floor (SEF) is a fully recyclable pedestrian floor system which can be used in pavements and high footfall areas, such as sport arenas, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, and office and apartment blocks. SEF enables people to generate their own energy to illuminate the space around them, or the energy can be used to power local systems such as street lights and signing systems. Energy Floors Smart Grid is Another option is to incorporate SEF in the Energy Floors Smart Grid. With this grid a self-sustained energy system can be created, to which other renewable energy sources can be added too. Any energy consuming products can be fed from the Energy Floors Smart Grid.

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Renewable Power plants constituted only 28% of total installed capacity and Non-Renewable Power Plants constituted the remaining 72%. • 1.4 billion that still have no access to electricity (87% of whom live in the rural areas) and 1 billion that only has access to unreliable electricity networks. • We need smart and practical approach because energy, as a driver of development, plays a central role in both fighting poverty and addressing climate change. • In order to solve the above mentioned issues we need a way to harness the wasted electricity and drive to useable form • The daily routine work activities releasing enormous amount of pressure can be fruitfully used to drive power using the natural tendency of some elements. We have devised simple sandwich assembly that converts mechanical pressure to electricity and gets activated. The top panel of the flooring has a solar panel which would help harness the solar energy thus multiplying the output many times.

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