open-source electrical tooth brush

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Electrical tooth brush with LED (as time indicator), USB charging unit, big battery and brush storage compartment for traveling purpose.

images and the progress will be published here:

The first prototype is almost finished and I realized there are many things to improve ;)
(Maybe I should have bought the brush head and measure it before I was actually planning anything just out of my mind. Also, the first prototype is definitively too big, not handy enough.)

So, prototype 2 is already in the planning and will be published probably around mid of May'16.

basic idea: electrical travel tooth brush with a brush storage compartment and a long lasting battery. of course, all parts, drawings, files, code should be available for everybody. hence: eBrrOSh

e - electrical

BrrOSh - sound like brush, eh?!

rr. - aren't double letters fancy?

OS - open source

you know what I mean, does the name really matter? anyway.

this is an ongoing project, simply because I am still tinkering with the 1st prototype and there are already many mistakes which need to be improved.


- size/dimension (my first prototype is based on a deodorant spray can I had in the bathroom with a diameter of around 42mm....that's too big. next prototype will be only 26mm)

- battery size/dimension

- storage compartment (I bought a electric brush head after I planned and printed everything and I guessed all dimensions wrong)

- the neopixel ring is too huge (and not really necessary but I like to play with it)

- the combination of the trinket and the usb 500c charger is not necessary, this could be one part (I am thinking about an arduino MRK1000 or adafruit feather for the next prototype)

- the potentiometer is a huge piece of hardware...I need a different solution (force sensitive resistor?)

however, while I have done already most of the 3D files for the prototype 2, here is a short overview how everything should work one day:

the 500c usb charger is connected to the trinket and powers it. connected with the 500c is the battery meaning that the eBrrOSh runs mainly on battery power but can be charged and used while connected to a micro usb plug. (of course, one day, there might be a eBrrOSh stand where you can place the tooth brush for charging.) between battery and 500c is the power switch placed to completely switch off the device.

the trinket controls the neopixel ring (see code). additionally, it should power the motor too (not yet). the trinket delivers a maximum of 500mAh, the hobby motor needs max 250mAh and the rest is more than enough for the neopixel ring. Not sure if the motor develops enough torque to drive the brush head under real conditions.

as can be seen in the FreeCAD files, the outer tube which covers all the parts has some holes in it. i) for the power switch ii) 12 holes, covered with diffuse paper, to see the leds.

certainly, the brush head is not made by me (maybe: not yet). I just bought a cheap set of 2 electrical head brushes of the carrefour home brand (in carrefour, of course). the only reason to pick them was the price (around 3-4Euro) and their simplicity.

the link given in the description should guide you to the project's photo album where also videos can be found.


prototype 2 is in the making. this time without a brush storage compartment. and another arduino or adafruit device. probably still some leds but certainly no pixelring.


The arduino file to run the Neopixel Ring on the trinket. Its programmed to do one circulation of the LED ring in 6 seconds. During the first minute, 4 leds are red. In the second minute, 8 leds are yellow and after 3minutes are reached, it blinks green. Simply to indicate, that the recommend 180 sec brushing time is reached.

x-arduino - 2.35 kB - 04/19/2016 at 20:45



FreeCAD file of the inner base. The colored parts should simulate the parts (usb charger, trinket, battery, motor)

x-extension-fcstd - 26.48 kB - 04/19/2016 at 20:15



FreeCAD file of the part which is mounted on the motor shaft and connects the motor with the tooth brush head

x-extension-fcstd - 27.44 kB - 04/19/2016 at 20:15



3D printer ready file of the outer tube/housing

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 152.23 kB - 04/19/2016 at 20:15



3D printer ready file of the top part which covers the inner parts and holds the pipe (aka the storage for the tooth brush head (if it would fit ;)))

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 62.09 kB - 04/19/2016 at 20:15


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    Step 1

    coming soon...
    as long as you wait check out the pictures

    instructions will follow as soon prototype 2 is ready

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