Cosmic Breakout

A little handheld version of breakout

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My friend Dmitry put together the board for me. It uses a PIC 16F1788 chip and a Electronic Assembly 102W-6 screen. The title screen lets you start a game or view the high scores. I drew the levels somewhat haphazardly (so I haven’t tested all of them to make sure they are winnable). Powerups happen pseudo-randomly when a brick is destroyed. There’s three powerup types right now -- extra points, an extra life, and a bigger paddle. During gameplay, the middle button opens the pause screen that lets you either go back to your game or quit. If you finish your game (by winning, running out of lives or quitting) and you have a higher score than one of the current high scores, there’s a prompt for you to enter your name. Unfortunately, the buttons are all taken with right, left and enter in this function, so I had to have a terminating character (which is a period that comes before a). The high scores are persisted in EEPROM. The initial ones are the names of everyone who helped me test it.

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