BoomBox (ThE-tRaShCaN)

AIO-BoomBox with lots of tech inside

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I saw a regular guy back in 2015, bringing a trashcan to a park-festival here in Sweden.

- At first i started to laugh...Then i think to myself, maybe he is cleaning the area...
but he was to nice/cool dressed!

- Then he pulled out his football, blanket, beer...and started the music!

His version :
12v Battery ---> 12v Stereo

My vision of thinking outside the trashcan :
- 12v 60A Car Battery
- 12v Battery Charger
- 12v 230v Inverter
- 230v Power IN

- Mobile Charger 5v, 1A
- USB Charger 5v 1A & 2.1A

- 3 Speakers, 2 Discant, 1 Bass
- Remote Controlled LED Lights
- Wireless Bluetooth Audio Device
- 12v Car Radio (Radio, SDCard, AUX)

*OBS! - Each 'High Voltage'-device such as 12v/230v is controlled by power switches...


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