TeensyNet Action Board

Used with a TeensyNet board to monitor and control Temperature

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This board is used in conjunction with a TeensyNet board and supporting software to monitor and control the temperature of a device, such as a freezer, fermentation chamber, brooder, etc. The board uses a DS18B20 Digital Thermomiter and two DS2406+ Digital switches, which can be used to control Solid State Relays.

The Maxim 1-wire protocol used allows the device to be situated a distance from the actual TeensyNet Board. Up to 16 TeensyNet Action Boards may be controlled by a single TeensyNet.

The TeensyNet Action Board is available at OSHPark in multiples of Three
  • 2 × DS2406+ Maxim Integrated Digital Switch
  • 3 × 3.5mm 3-position PC-mount Terminal Blocks DigiKey Part # ED2636-ND or similar
  • 2 × 3.5mm 2-position PC-mount Terminal Blocks DigiKey Part# ED2635-ND or similar
  • 2 × 2N3906 Transistor or equivalent
  • 2 × 2 LEDs (optional)

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