• Home Control Center using BeagleBone Green Wireless

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    In this part, we need to make an acrylic box as the picture below shows, this work is by my workmate Nosk, and he is an intelligent industry designer, you can download the drawings by click


    I connect a Grove - Relay to GPIO_51, a Grove – Air quality sensor to A2 port and a Grove – Temperature sensor to A0 port on the Grove Base Cape for Beaglebone Cape.


    First, we need to configure your BBGW connect to the internet. It’s very easy to do that by smart phone, you just need to connect to BBGW AP named “BeagleBonexxxx” using mobile phone as the picture below shows.

    Then your mobile phone will open the login page automatically. Just select the SSID near you and input the password as shown in the picture below.

    At last, The BBGW will show as below and get the local network IP, we can access the Beaglebone Green Wireless using the network IP via SSH. Now, the board is connect to the Internet and next we need to do some software network.


    Since the software code is a little complex, I’ll show you the major technology point in this part, I run a web server on Beaglebone Green Wireless to manage the Grove Modules, view the Grove Sensor Values and using a Grove – Realy to control a table lamp or something else.

    Step1:Install Flask

    I use a flask web framework for this APP, Flask is a lightweight Python web framework based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2 and good intentions.


    Open your web browser and input the Beaglebone Green Wireless local IP and the port is 8000, and you’ll see the web page as picture below shows.

    This’s the home page, we can see the sensor data and control the Grove – Relay.

    And this’s the about page, you can see the information of the SeeedStudio Beaglebone Green Wireless.

    And this’s Contact page, you can get the Seeed’s address phone number and e-mail.

    You can make your own IOT system with a BBGW ! :http://cc.seeed.cc/topic_detail.html?id=5559