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15% of the population or 21 million in the US could save $100 a year

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15% of the population live in arid environments, yet they pay to heat air? In this project I show you how to modify an old LG gas dryer to perform better than energy star, and heat pump dryers. I calculate I will be saving over $100.00 a year by using the already dry air from the arid environment outside to dry my clothes. It will also save time due to not having to clothesline individual pieces, worry about dust storms, rain, or having to use lots of fabric softener to prevent rough towels or socks. It also allows for the dryer to run indoors, away from the heat, dust and UV rays. Additionally I won't be heating up and pumping my air conditioned air out of my house. As a added bonus the washroom is now a much cooler place to be in, and the dryer produces about 75% less lint.

15% of people in the USA Live in arid environments, most could be saving 100$ a month

4.6 million people live in the Phoenix\Tuscon\Yuma metro areas of Arizona alone.

(that is more than the population of Ireland)

841 Million People live in arid environments throughout the world

All could "possibly" benefit from my hack

This is a true hack and no arduinos were used/harmed, so nothing to complain about.


****Warning, do not just add an intake to the outside world with a gas dryer without removing the gas components, extreme pressure differentials caused by wind will change the air/fuel ratio. This will cause at least inefficiency or at most a fire.****

  • 1 × 1 LG Gas Dryer I used a DLG2526W
  • 1 × 5 inch to 4 inch reducer
  • 1 × Semi-rigid 4" Dryer Hose Length depends on a number of factors
  • 2 × 4" 90 degree elbow Optional
  • 2 × 6 inch to 4 inch reducer

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  • Living with an atmospheric dryer

    David Thomas05/30/2016 at 07:54 0 comments

    The loads that used to take 45 min in the dryer take 1:15-1:30, only a little bit less than hanging up. But I don't have to hang up laundry if I don't want to. I have a bounce bar(recently discontinued), but it should last me a really long time because the clothes never get hot. In fact the air leaving the dryer is cooler than coming in (due to the evaporative cooling effect). The clothes also take less of a beating without the heat, so there is not a lot of lint, and I never need to worry about designs fading or cracking or melted fabrics. If you want your clothes extra soft, or don't have a bounce bar follow this recipe for cheap fabric softener it works great (the second recipe in the link provided)

  • About

    David Thomas05/30/2016 at 01:44 0 comments

  • Teardown\Build

    David Thomas05/30/2016 at 01:43 0 comments

    Use this video till 2:30 to teardown(should apply for both LG gas and electric dryers). Looks like its alot but only takes about 10 min to teardown.

    You can do this lightbulb mod when tearing down to save a little energy(totally optional)

    Internal Mods to Gas and electric dryers LG Dryers are about 90% similar, but still tread lightly, and test before throwing clothes in later. The "holes" I'm refering to are on the back of that assembly, don't cover the small round holes!

    Re-assemble the dryer by re-watching this video from 3:39 on. Takes about 10 min.

    Intake and filter setup

  • Intake and filtering system

    David Thomas05/30/2016 at 01:42 0 comments

    Intake and filter setup

  • Cost Comparisons

    David Thomas05/30/2016 at 01:16 0 comments

    DLE3050W LG Energy Star Electric Dryer - 2.25 kwh per load

    Initial Cost $699

    Cost per year $117.00 per year

    $00.13/kwh average with 400 Loads

    *untold costs from pumping air conditioned, air from house

    DLE3170W LG Energy Star Electric Dryer- 2.1kwh per load

    Initial Cost $699

    Cost per year $109.20

    $00.13/kwh average with 400 Loads

    *untold costs from pumping air conditioned, air from house

    DLHX4072 LG Energy Star Eco Heat Pump Electric Dryer- 1.9kwh per load

    Initial Cost $1198

    Cost per year $98.80

    $00.13/kwh average with 400 Loads

    *untold costs from pumping air conditioned, air from house

    DLG2526W LG Gas Dryer (converted to atmospheric)- .27kwh per load

    Initial Cost $140 used +$100 in parts (or $799 roundabouts for a brand new model)

    Cost per year $14.04

    $00.13/kwh average with 400 Loads

    *Does not significantly remove air conditioned, air from house

    Line Drying

    Initial cost free-50$

    Cost per year(10 min to hang up, 10 min to bring down)

    *Does not significantly remove air conditioned, air from house

    Note: all data was compiled from manufactures websites, energy guides, and my kill-a-watt meter. Atmospheric Dryer calculated as, 180wX1.5hrs. If 190wX1.5hrs it would be .28kwh per load or $14.56 per year.

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Konstantin wrote 04/24/2017 at 20:55 point

So what's the advantage of taking out the gas component vs. just using the "air dry" setting that your dryer already had?

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David Thomas wrote 11/03/2018 at 19:52 point

It does not suck in air conditioned air to be blown outside. It uses the  "relatively" dry air outside for arid climates to boost drying times.

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